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Our factory has 40-year production experience, and our self-developed 10000+ products and 40000+ independent moulds have been used up to now. Our OEM products can be seen throughout the world.·Having domestic production certifications and international certifications in line with American and European standards.·40-year production experience, OEM global professional client·Advanced large-sized German mould equipment·Production materials in line with American and European


RECARE brand originated from Europe, in order to protect the reproductive health of young people, enjoy the sunshine life as the founding idea. In 20 years of promotion and dissemination in Europe, Recare has been unanimously recognized and trusted by foreign youth and youth care organizations. "Take it as Cocacola" - "like coke," is our ultimate goal of promoting condom use in the younger generation, and the foundation of the Rcare brand.

Ultimate ultra-thin

Thin, no set of sense, natural aloe extract, bactericidal anti-inflammatory,
promoting blood circulation, nourish the female private place,
the close body fluids of a water soluble lubricant, double the amount of oil, lubrication, vagina, no residue, is a caring female condom.